Ree Drummond And A Bell Pepper Stole The Show In Her Daughter’s TikTok

TikTok has been a saving grace for entertainment while people are staying at home and practicing safe social distancing. Families are hosting formal dinners at home, but arguably one of the best parts of the app is the dancing. We’ve seen Gordon Ramsay bust a move on the app, and now the Pioneer Woman herself Ree Drummond has made her TikTok debut.

The video, which was posted on Ree’s daugher Alex’s account, shows Alex, her boyfriend Mauricio, and her sister Paige all dancing to Megan Thee Stallion’s song “Savage.” The song has become even more popular on the app because of a choreographed dance going viral.

While the three kids try to do the dance, Ree steals the show a few seconds in when she enters the frame with a green bell pepper and nods to the music. Her appearance was simple but it was all it took for the video to go from good to great.

Dancing on camera is definitely something new for Ree, who has been sharing a ton of amazing cooking videos on her social media feeds while staying at home. She’s been sharing her chicken marinade recipes and posting videos of her smoothing melted chocolate over cookies.

In between her business as usual, she posted the dancing video to her Instagram page, tagging Alex, Paige, and Mauricio. Although Ree fits right into the video, she seems to think otherwise and posted it with the caption, “I don’t belong here.”

Maybe if we’re lucky, Alex can sucker her into more TikToks and we’ll get the content we all deserve. Fingers crossed.

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