Hidden Valley’s Blazin’ Hot Ranch Dipping Sauce Is So Spicy

Last year, Hidden Valley rolled out a line called Blasted Creamy Dipping Sauce, and it featured some delicious flavors like Zestier Ranch, Bold Buffalo, and Ranch-Dipped Pizza. Now, there’s a new dipping sauce in town, and it sounds like a little dollop of heaven.

It’s called Blazin’ Hot and it’s pretty darn spicy. The sauce features buttermilk, habanero pepper, onion, and vinegar flavors, giving you a perfectly balanced mix of flavors that will burn your tongue and cool it at the same time.

And Hidden Valley isn’t screwing around here in the heat department. The company claims on its website that the new dipping sauce is “so hot it’ll melt your face off in the ranchiest way possible.” The package also says the dip is “off-the-chart spicy” and features a waffle fry dipped in the sauce…and is simultaneously on fire. Impressive!

It’s gotten some pretty great reviews online. “Definitely has a kick to it. A little much for me but if you enjoy it hot it’s a good one to get,” one person wrote. “My family loves this! Best dipping sauce ever!!!!!!!” someone else said. And, yeah, guys, it’s spicy. “A great sauce to use on anything if you dare!! Quite spicy but the taste makes it worth it,” another person said.

As for how to use it, well, that’s up to you. People have said online that it’s pretty yummy on tacos and wings, but you could also splash a little on top of burgers, veggies, or fries (no guarantee that they’ll actually catch fire, though. Sorry!).

Gotta have some? You can find Blazin’ Hot at Target, Walmart, and more for around $3, though it appears it is currently unavailable online.

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