High Protein Diet: How To Make Rajma Sprout Salad For Weight Loss


  • Protein intake is crucial for sustainable weight loss diet
  • Rajma is a very versatile ingredient
  • Rajma is a treasure of health benefits

Protein is often called the building block of life. If you are new to the world of fitness and nutrition, you would be stumbling upon the word too often and be looking for protein in everything that you eat and drink. Protein not only helps build muscle but is also instrumental in keeping your weight in check. How do you ask? Consuming protein-rich foods ensure that you are full for a longer spell, which further prevents you from mindless eating and binging. If you eat in control, the chances of weight-gain reduce to a great extent. Protein also helps regulate the hunger hormone ghrelin and keeps a check on your cravings.

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Including good quality protein in diet may seem like a tough task for vegetarians, but it is definitely not an impossible feat. There are plenty of lentils and legumes that can particularly come in handy. Rajma, or kidney bean, is a treasure trove of nutrients that you could include more of in your diet.

Rajma Nutrition | How Eating Rajma May Ensure Healthy Weight-Management

Rajma is considered to be one of the best sources of plant-based protein. Additionally, it is also a rich source of fibre, which makes it excellent for digestion and heart health. Since fibre takes the longest to digest, it stays in your system for a while imparting a sense of satiety. If you feel satiated, you are much less likely to tuck into anything that comes your way. Kidney beans have a low glycaemic index; hence, they are ideal for diabetics to consume too. Although 100 grams of raw uncooked rajma contains 24 grams of protein (according to USDA), a lot depends on how you prepare your rajma. If the preparation contains a tremendous amount of oil, it is bound to raise the calorie-load of the preparation, whereas steaming, boiling or sprouting the legume may help you cut back on calories to a great extent.

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Sprouting is linked to a bevy of health benefits. It is said that sprouting legume or lentil increases its bio-availability of nutrients. They also enable healthy digestion and prevent calorie-overload.

Wondering how to sprout your kidney beans? Step this way!


Sprouting is linked to a bevy of health benefits

How To Sprout Rajma:

Wash a handful of kidney beans. Make sure you wash it thoroughly to get rid of pesticides and toxins. It is better to take organic kidney beans. Make sure you do not touch it with dirty hands as chances of cross-contamination are high. Soak it in water for a while. Drain the water and take the beans; tie it in a cotton cloth or muslin cloth and hang it somewhere for a day. Keep sprinkling water on the cloth from time to time when the cloth appears dry. Open the cloth after a day and you would see beautiful sprouts coming out of your beans.

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How To Make Salad Using Sprouted Rajma

Take the sprouted rajma, add to it some moong dal sprouts, some chopped onions, cucumber and tomatoes. Throw in some chaat masala, squeeze some lemon on top – and your salad is ready.

Note: Make sure you practice moderation as excess consumption of kidney beans may cause bloating.


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