Kitchen Tips: Watch How To Store Mint (Pudina) Leaves For Up to One Year

Kitchen Tips: Watch How To Store Mint (Pudina) Leaves For Up to One Year

Mint leaves is a fragrant herb that is available during summers.


  • Mint is a powerful herb that is used to enhance foods and drinks.
  • Mint leaves can last for a few days if stored properly.
  • This video teaches how to store mint leaves for as long as one year!

Come summers and we see a lot of mint or pudina in our food. No meal is complete without the serving of fresh mint sauce or pudina chutney. We even use the chutney to make filling for our sandwiches or pair it with our snacks like samosa and pakoda. We also add a bunch of leaves to our smoothies or decorate our raita with it. The minty aroma and flavour of the herb lifts up any food it is added to and brings a wave of freshness to fight the balmy weather of summers.

No wonder almost all Indian households have stacks of mint in their kitchen all the time. However, these leaves don’t stay fresh for too long even if you store them in the refrigerator. The ‘refreshing’ quality of mint fades away in a couple of days. There are some methods people follow to keep mint fresh for a longer time by wrapping them in paper towels or stuffing them in a plastic bag. These tricks may increase the life of the herb, but only by a couple of days. If you want your favourite mint to be available throughout the year without bothering to buy them after every other day, here’s a genius trick to store mint that lasts for up to one whole year!

This video on YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’ dishes out an incredible way of storing mint leaves that retain their same fresh fragrance and smell. In just a few easy steps, you’ll get dried and crunchy mint leaves that you can pack in an air tight container and keep enjoying mint leaves’ health benefits and great taste till next summer.

Watch the video for detailed method of storing mint leaves for one year:

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