There are many tipsy bartenders who are bored with their cocktails and mocktails drink can now wake up. There is good news for them. And that is that they can create a new type of cocktails, mocktails, and drinks with a dash of fluffy fruit-flavored cream, and for that, they will need a cream charger. So, there are many online sites where you can get good whip cream chargers of CO2 and N2O base. Now, you must be thinking if CO2 is enough then why the need for N2O? Well, you can actually create a great combination of flavored fluffy cream for your drinks, which your customers will love. 

Check Cream Charger Warehouse for Discount 

Now, there is also a challenge that is that you will have to spend your bucks on the same may be more than what you expected. Of course, now what are you thinking? A generous company has come up which is giving away such a unique product for chunks. But, yes you can buy discount price whip cream chargers from Cream Charger Warehouse. You can get it for cheap if you are buying a good quantity product from them. 

Be Creative with Fruit Flavors Cream Chargers 

Apart from that, the flavors which are available are strawberry, raspberry, fresh mint, blueberry, etc. So, now you can imagine that is using such tangy and sweet flavors and cool flavors with a dash of some good lemon flavored cocktail or say Mojito or Pomegranate Spritzer can add a good taste to the drinks. And you don’t have to be bothered about the cream, as many people think it’s a milky cream which it is actually not. It will get melted in your drink. So, there are many ways in which you can be creative and this will not bore you nor will make you tipsy. 

Be Cautious When Using N2O Cream Chargers 

Just a word of caution, don’t be in such a tipsy state, that you get excited to smell the N2O based cream chargers, because it is made of fruit flavors. It is because it’s a habit of many good chefs and bartenders to smell the contents, just to make sure whether it will blend well with the cake or drink that you are preparing. You will fall sick because N2O is harmful to human beings. Not many people are aware of it. But that doesn’t mean you don’t use it at all, you can just use it correctly by affixing it to the cream dispenser. 

Use High-Quality Environment-Friendly Product 

It is a very environment-friendly product and many people have loved it. It’s just the cost of the flavored cream chargers which tends to break people’s heart. And it is also recommended that you use Belgium made or France made cream chargers, as they provide the highest quality cream chargers with all safe to use chargers. Also, there is no oil residue left in the chargers when you use them. One of the reasons why I am telling to use a good brand product is because many of the cream chargers have been reported to be leaked and the use of such chargers did not produce a good cream consistency for the bakers and bartenders, yet they don’t understand and continue using the same.