Indian Cooking Tips: Use Your Left-Over Chapatti To Make Delicious Veg Frankie (Watch Recipe Video)


  • Use left-over rotis to make this veg frankie
  • Frankie is a popular street-food of Mumbai
  • There is a basic difference between Frankie and Kathi Roll

One constant thing we have been listening to since childhood is – ‘do not waste food’. In the era of ‘zero-waste cooking’, food wastage is something no one encourages. Re-using your ingredients to make something new is fun and exciting! Here we have an amazing suggestion for re-using the left-over rotis from previous night. The dish is none other than the very popular ‘Frankie’. Vlogger Ananya Banerjee, on her YouTube Channel ‘Chef Ananya Banerjee’, showed us an easy process of making street-style Veg Frankie, which can be a hit in your child’s tiffin-box or as evening snacks.

Although, we get it in several parts of India, the popularity of Frankie is associated to Mumbai, just like the popularity of kathi roll is associated to Kolkata. This also brings up the age-old question- what is the difference between the two?

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Difference Between Frankie And Kathi Roll:

The first and very evident difference is the places of their popularity- one in Kolkata and the other in Mumbai. According to restaurateur Chef Sabyasachi Gorai (Chef Saby), “Kathi roll derives its name from the legendary kathi kebab.” With time, there has been a huge change in the original recipe. The kathi rolls we see today, as per the chef, is saucier, with kasundi, chilli sauce etc. The parathas used to wrap the filling of kebab, veggies and sauces are crispy and flaky and are cooked on tawa.

On the other hand, Chef Saby further said, “Frankie in Bombay is a nice wrap of tawa masala of veggies in roti or paratha, not flaky as the one used in kathi rolls. It is rather the regular paratha we make at home.” Also, Frankie is more juicy than the kathi rolls and unlike kathi rolls, which are wrapped in papers, Frankie would typically be wrapped in plastic bag or foil.

Whatever it be, this home-made Frankie by Chef Ananya can surely be a hit among people of all ages. The best part is, it needs very basic ingredients for the preparation- left-over rotis, boiled potato, onion, carrot, Kashmiri red chilli powder, dhania (coriander) powder, jeera (cumin) powder, roasted cumin (bhuna jeera) powder, minced ginger, chaat masala, rice flour, chopped coriander leaves (dhania patta), oil, dahi (curd), salt and sugar.

Watch: Here’s The Complete Recipe Video For Veg Frankie:

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