Viral Now: McDonalds Bagel Overloaded With Cream Cheese Gets Hilarious Twitter Responses

Cream cheese with bagel from McDonald’s Canada. went viral on Twitter.


  • Toronto-based reporter Bryan Passifiume asked for extra cheese in his bag
  • In return, he got a bagel with nearly two inches of just cream cheese
  • He shared pictures of the ‘monstrosity’ that went viral on Twitter

Bagel and cream cheese is a staple breakfast in many parts of the United States and Canada. The simple dish comprises a circular bread-like bagel cut into half and slathered with cream cheese. The more the cream cheese the better, which is exactly what Toronto-based reporter Bryan Passifiume had in mind when he headed to a McDonald’s outlet in his city for breakfast. He asked for extra cheese in his bagel, but what he got in return shocked the collective conscience of the internet. Take a look:

Bryan Passifiume had picked up the bagel on his way to work, and as soon as he opened it he was in for a rude shock. The bagel was teeming with cheese more than the amount that was required – a sight which was pleasing to look at but an ‘exercise in passive aggressiveness’ according to Bryan. There was approximately two inches of just pure cream cheese in it. The bagel which was supposed to be just another regular item of the fast food industry soon became viral on Twitter.

The person who had shared the tweet himself started comparing the exorbitant height of the cream cheese bagel to daily objects, resulting in much laughter around the whole topic. Twitterati too reacted to the viral bagel from all parts of the world. Some users referred to it as a ‘McMonstrosity’ while others couldn’t see what the problem was. Take a look at the hilarious reactions:

While the sight of the bagel couldn’t be digested by many, other people responded quite funnily to the whole incident. Another hilarious chapter to the story happened when the user returned to have the cream cheese bagel again from McDonald’s, and they said they had run out of cream cheese entirely! McDonald’s Canada responded to the user’s claims and said that they would look into it. But the bagel definitely went down in the history of social media!

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