Jack Black Goes Shirtless In Viral TikTok Quarantine Dance

People have turned to stress baking, virtual dating, and Houseparty happy hours to pass the time during the coronavirus pandemic. Actor Jack Black has used his lockdown time to work on his dance moves.

The 50-year-old made his TikTok debut this week in a hilarious video in which Black dons nothing more than tights, cowboy boots, and a western hat while performing his quarantine dance. The routine is hashtagged #reallifeathome #distancedance #happyathome #boredathome.”

The clip, filmed outdoors, shows Black twirling, kicking, and flying like a bird. At one point, the Tenacious D star loses his hat after a particularly vigorous move.

So far, the video has garnered more than 300,000 likes and nearly 6,000 comments from thankful fans.

“You are what we need now!!!,” exclaimed one user.

Black also posted the video on Instagram, where other celebrities have joined the Black fan club.

“Holy no. Just perfection. Nailed it. I didn’t even see the hat come off,” wrote Jimmy Fallon.

Actor Justin Long said that watching Black’s video was a welcome escape from the pandemic.

“Literally just spent the last 10 minutes watching this on a loop. That’s like a solid 4 or 5 non-quarantine minutes,” he wrote.

Black has also taken up modeling during the pandemic. On March 20, the actor shared that his runway walks were improving. The video shows Black prancing through his house wearing a robe.

Strongman Martin Licis asked Black the question most of America is probably thinking:

“Can I just Quarantine N Chill with you while doing stupid shit together?,” Licis wrote.

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