This Family Is Getting Through Quarantine With Themed Dinners

Everyone and her mother (literally) seems to be spending their social distancing days on TikTok. One family has been putting together extravagant themed dinners and, of course, documenting them on the platform for the rest of us to enjoy. They’re wonderful, and I want nothing more than to be an honorary member of their fam.

The mastermind behind these theatrical feasts is 14-year-old Derek Cannuscio from Massachusetts. He prepares dinners for his family around a certain theme like an in-flight dining experience, hibachi-style meal, Hooters, Mexican night, and a romantic, Cinderella-themed meal for his parents, to name a few. Derek’s older sister uploads all of the fabulous dining experiences to her TikTok account @caitcanoe.

“The airplane came to me because I am an aviation enthusiast and I felt bad my sister couldn’t go on her spring break trip, so I wanted to try to create one for her and my family,” Derek told BuzzFeed. “I like to make them laugh—life’s too serious right now.”

Can someone get this kid an award or something? He’s too sweet! Before self-quarantining, Caitlin told the site they rarely had family dinners because of everyone’s busy schedules: “COVID-19 has showed us that in times of stress and even a country in lockdown, we will always have our families to help get through things,” she said.

Don’t have family or roomies around to create your own themed dinners with? You can always host a virtual dinner party, but make it themed.

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