Joanna Gaines Records Cooking Videos Amid Coronavirus

  • Joanna Gaines and her kids are recording mini cooking videos while they are in quarantine.
  • Here’s how to make her famous chili and chocolate chip cookie recipes.

    Whether you’re alone, with a partner, or surrounded by a house full of kids, Joanna Gaines is here to make your quarantined life a little more interesting.

    Like so many of us, Joanna is house-bound amid the coronavirus pandemic. With five children under her and husband Chip’s wing, finding ways to keep everyone busy is no easy feat. In order to spread positivity—and keep herself sane—she’s decided to post new challenges or activities on social media to entertain both her family and her fans.

    We’re all on board with this idea, not only because it’s something productive to do but because it also gives us a sneak peek at what her upcoming solo cooking show will be like. Her latest posts are basically mini episodes where she goes over her coveted chocolate chip cookie and chili recipes and BRB our mouths are watering. Plus, how cute is her cozy sweatshirt!?

    We also want to point out that both of these videos were filmed by her oldest son, Drake, with help from her daughter, Ella, on the second. Looks like their following in mom and dad’s footsteps.

    Here’s the full step-by-step for her famous chewy cookie recipe (the Gaineses decided chewy was better than fluffy, FYI).

    We love that she teaches us her ways, but also includes plenty of hilarious moments that make us mix Fixer Upper even more. We can’t wait for their network to premiere!

    The chili is even easier to copy. All you need are some pantry items like onions and canned goods, and if you’re able to bake it with her cornbread you’ll be a happy camper.

    Thanks to Joanna for the delicious kitchen inspo!

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