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Fact: Cake tastes even better when it’s in bite-sized, icing-coated pieces. That’s just the way it is! And, if there just so happens to be a fun theme with it, even better.

Thankfully, Cake Bites is here with new mini cakes that have a Trolls World Tour theme, and they look so, so delicious. The bites were spotted in the wild by Instagram account @JunkFoodOnTheGo.

“NEW Trolls World Tour x The Original Cake Bites Party POP Cake & Party ROCK Cake,” they wrote along photos of the cake bites.

We’re not just talking one flavor—Cake Bites has rolled out two different themed bites. The first is the Pop Cake flavor (which has Trolls character Princess Poppy on the package). This features cake with raspberry jelly, pink chocolate icing, and rainbow sprinkles. If you want a little harder edge to your cake-noshing experience, there’s the Rock Cake flavor. This is vanilla cake with chocolate cream, a chocolate coating, and sprinkles.

This isn’t an early release tease—these are out in stores now, @JunkFoodOnTheGo said in the comments (they found the bites at Walmart). BTW: People are pretty excited to get their hands on these. “These look so cool brahhh,” one person wrote in the comments. “Oooh these are so fun !!” someone else said.

It’s worth pointing out you’ll have the ability to stream Trolls World Tour from home starting April 10. So pick up some Cake Bites and popcorn in advance, and you’ve got the recipe for a rocking (or popping) premiere party at home.

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