Keebler Is Selling Teeny, Tiny Chocolate Chip Cookies

When it comes to ice cream, cookie dough gets all the love, but what about delicious baked cookies themselves? Where is my love for a cookie ice cream sandwich? Cookie-flavored ice cream? Well now, we finally have an innovation to be excited about because Keebler unveiled the cutest, tiniest little cookies you’ve ever seen in your whole life and they’re made to top your favorite ice cream!!

Instagrammer @snackgator spotted Keebler Teeny Tiny Chips Deluxe Cookies Dessert Toppers hiding out at Walmart. From the looks of it, these are exactly as advertised. They’re teeny. tiny. chocolate. chip. cookies. You’re meant to sprinkle them all over ice cream, no mess required.

Of course these are meant for ice cream, but I came up with, like, 50 other things I want to do with them, like perhaps gift them to a tiny mouse, who will view it as a normal-sized cookie. Or maybe I’ll use them as the chips in cookies so it will be a cookie with chocolate chip cookie chips. Or perhaps I will just eat them by the handful out of the bag. That’s good too.

If tiny chocolate chip cookies aren’t your jam, @snackgator also pointed out that you can get these Dessert Toppers in Rainbow Nerds, Buncha Crunch, and Butterfinger Bits that you can sprinkle over your ice cream. So there’s that!

We couldn’t find these online just yet so keep your eyes peeled on your next Walmart run because they could be coming home with you next.

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