Jamie Foxx And Carmelo Anthony Raved About Netflix’s Movie ‘Uncorked’

Basketball star Carmelo Anthony has been hosting weekly episodes on YouTube as a part of his “What In Your Glass?” series. In this series, he talks all things wine with other celebrities, and this week him and Jamie Foxx chatted about the trending Netflix movie Uncorked.

After discussing what they’ve both been doing in quarantine and their upcoming projects, Carmelo started rapid-firing questions to Jamie about his wine preferences and what he usually drinks. Jamie explained that he prefers regional wines to international ones, and when asked if he likes sangria he rightfully said, “Sangria? Oh yeahhh, that gets it going!”

Carmelo then went on to see what Jamie drinks when he’s not cracking open a fancy bottle. Between Two Buck Chuck and boxed wine, Jamie prefers to go for a bottle of Two Buck Chuck—the famously cheap wine you can pick up at Trader Joe’s.

While Carmelo sipped on his glass of 2008 Vérité Le Désir and Jamie drank his Far Niente Oakville Cabernet 2014, the two got to talking about what made them so fascinated with wine. For Jamie, he wanted to learn more about it to impress people.

When he wanted advice about what there was to know about wine, he turned to his friend Datari Turner, who also happens to be one of the producers of Netflix’s film Uncorked, the movie that follows a black man as he dreams of becoming a master sommelier.

“He [Datari Turmer] turned me on to the wine and spirits, taught me about what it is because a lot of times coming from where we was we weren’t cultured like that and he has this great movie now, Uncorked,” Jamie said to Carmelo: “It was showing black folk, African-Americans, showing their expertise in this culture, I really appreciate it.”

Uncorked is available for streaming on Netflix and was ranked in one of the top ten movies on the platform after its release.

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