Kim Kardashian Found A Lobster Walking On Her Street

Kim Kardashian West’s Instagram and Twitter feeds are usually made up of carefully curated images, totally enviable moments of her fabulous life, and links to her clothing and make-up lines that pretty much never fail to make me click. What can I say? She gets me. But even our Kimmie can’t help but share some of the weirder moments of her life, including this recent one where she came face-to-face with a…lobster?

The reality star shared this truly strange moment with her millions of Instagram followers this week, aptly captioning the post “Just confused how a lobster is walking on my street in Calabasas! What is happening?!?!?!,” she wondered. I dunno, what IS happening??

In the video, the lobster raises his little claws at Kim, who thankfully didn’t seem to get too close. Maybe he was just in shock that he was meeting his favorite reality star? Of course, Kim’s fans had a field day with this one. The lobster even got his own Twitter account.

There are still so many mysteries abound. One, why was the lobster there? Two, where is he now? Three, did Kim tell North about it when she got home? What were North’s thoughts on the matter? Four, is this EVEN A LOBSTER? Some on Twitter are claiming it’s a crawfish! It’s just a lot.

It’s safe to say we’ll probably never know the answer to most of those questions. We all just have to face the fact that this lobster met someone more famous than most of us ever will. Good for the lobster!

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