The Way This Person Cut Their Avocado Has Chrissy Teigen Speechless


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If you haven’t been keeping up with Chrissy Teigen’s adventures as she stays inside with her family, you absolutely should be whether for entertainment or to get some ideas for yourself. Chrissy’s been super active on Twitter these past few days, and one of her many tweets was about the absurdity of the way this person cuts their avocados. Let’s discuss.

In between making an isolation cake for the kids and helping John organize an at home concert for people to stream tomorrow, she addressed this distressing cooking tweet. Twitter user Dianna E. Anderson posted the original tweet, explaining that she was watching Worst Cooks in America and saw one of the contestants cutting their avocado in such a way.

As in, the person was slicing the avocado all the way through, pit and all. They were cutting through the pit as if it was any old soft seeded fruit or veggie. One, why on earth? And two, HOW did this person have the strength to easily slice through the huge, dense seed that is characteristic of an avocado? Then after it was all sliced up, how were they going to get the slivers of pit removed from the avocado so it could be used for whatever they were making? The questions were nearly endless, and people on Twitter felt the same.

Let me be real: Here at Delish, we never want to judge you for how you cook things! As long as it’s safe and makes your food taste good, that’s great. But we also have a bunch of professionals in our test kitchen who can teach you how to be efficient and get the most out of your produce. I have never in my life seen an avocado be cut in this way.

Apparently, neither has Chrissy because she summed it up well with a simple: “Oh my god.” Same, Chrissy, same.

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