Domino’s Has Half-Off Pizzas Right Now

Is it just me or can ordering pizza be a little more expensive than many people realize? Maybe it’s because no one in my family or group of friends can ever decide on one…or two…or three…types of pies. Or maybe it’s because once I order a pizza, I have to throw in breadsticks, wings, and as much Diet Coke as I can carry. Either way, Domino’s just made it way cheaper to get your pizza fix by offering 50 percent off pizzas this week.

Starting now until March 22, you can get any menu-priced pizza from Domino’s for half price when you order it online. That means you can build-your-own pizza or get delicious menu options like the Buffalo Chicken Pizza or the Spinach & Feta Pizza for half of their original prices.

There is also no code that you need to remember (and inevitably type in wrong the first few times you try…) in order to get this deal. You can just click on the offer banner on the Domino’s website and the coupon will be automatically applied to your order. Easy peasy!

Of course like any deal, there are some exceptions to this one, but not many! Some crust types, toppings, sauces, and premium items may come with an additional charge, so if you want anything super fancy, you’ll have to cough up a little more dough. Otherwise, should be pretty smooth sailing!

But you should act fairly quickly: This offer is only good until March 22. After that? It’s time to go back to arguing over toppings!

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