Starbucks Launches In-App Game Called Starland

While Starbucks is currently only servicing to-go orders in response to COVID-19 concerns, there is a way to score deals that you can use later on in the comfort of your own home. The augmented reality game, called Starland, can be played by all Starbucks rewards members.

If you aren’t a Starbucks rewards member yet, it’s very quick to sign up and you can get points and promotions through your account. Starland can be played either online or through the phone app, and the game will be running through April 8.

To start playing, all you have to do is open up your Starbucks app while logged into your account and go to your in-app inbox which should have a link to start playing the game. From there, you’ll get one free play per game but can earn more when you order your to-go items from Starbucks. You can also get more plays by adding in your contact information for Starbucks so they have it on file to notify you about other promotions in the future.

With each play, you’ll have the chance to win an instant prize or the potential to be entered into the raffle drawing for a greater grand prize. To see what you’ve won, you have to use your phone’s camera to use the augmented reality feature. This feature will have gold stars appear, and when you tap one a prize could be underneath.

Some of the prizes include Uber Eats promo codes, free coffee or bakery goods, and more stars to play. The grand prizes include free drinks for a year, 365 days worth of free breakfast, free stars, or a $500 Starbucks gift card, that you’ll be entered in a raffle for. Winners of grand prizes will be announced on April 9, and since the game can be played without leaving your house, it’s easy as ever to participate.

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