Mickey Mouse Grilled Cheese Is So Easy In This Waffle Iron


Mickey Shaped FoodInstagram

Grilled cheese under any circumstance is awesome, but grilled cheese emblazoned with a Mickey Mouse face is basically the mic-drop of sandwiches. That’s what Instagram account @Mickey.Shaped.Food just did, and it’s easier to pull off than you’d think.

“The big GRILLED cheese with a side of tomato soup. Swipe to see how we made our simple, but yummy lunch today. Eat some magic💫,” they wrote in a new post. Swipe right and you can see a video that clearly shows they made their grilled cheese in a Mickey Mouse waffle iron. GENIUS!

People were pretty excited in the comments. “Love this so much!!!” one person wrote. “Brilliant. Just made waffles the other day never occurred to me to do this magic,” someone else said. “Yessss!!! This waffle maker can do it alllllll,” another chimed in.

About that waffle maker…It’s the Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Double Flip Waffle Maker and it’s currently on sale at ShopDisney.com for $75. And sure, it isn’t cheap, but it’s pretty versatile.

The waffle maker is double-sided and can crank out six Mickey-shaped waffles at a time. It also rotates, so you can keep waffles going at all times. The baking plates are nonstick and it has an adjustable browning dial, so you can get that waffle (or grilled cheese) just perfect.

If you really want to blow away your family, you could technically make waffles on one side while cooking up some grilled cheese on the other. Now that’s an impressive meal!

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