Minions Vanilla Cake Cereal Is Coming To Stores Soon

Cake is delicious any time of day but unfortunately, society kinda frowns on having it for breakfast. Well, General Mills now has a socially-acceptable solution, and it’s genius.

The company plans to roll out Minions Vanilla Cake Cereal sometime in the near future, according to Instagram account @CerealLife. “New Cereal Alert!! Minions Vanilla Cake Cereal is coming! Shocked this isn’t 🍌 flavor,” they wrote alongside a yummy-looking photo of the cereal.

According to the package, this is a sweetened corn cereal with marshmallows. So, kinda like Lucky Charms, but with a different type of grain. The actual cereal pieces are yellow and blue to mimic the look of Minions and the marshmallows are white. And the overall taste is vanilla cake!

The cereal sparked some serious thoughts and feelings in the comments section. Some people were thrilled about the upcoming release. “Can’t wait!! Will definitely try,” one person wrote. “I need this now,” another said.

But other people were pretty annoyed that the cereal isn’t banana-flavored, given that Minions are known for their love of the fruit. “Should for sure be banana!” someone wrote: “The Vanilla Wafer Banana Pudding cereal is real good—something similar could’ve been done here! Shame!” another person chimed in.

The cereal is timed to be released with the upcoming movie, Minions: The Rise of the Gru, which was originally supposed to hit theaters this summer. Now, IMDB says it’s slotted for a July 2021 release. No word yet on what that means for the cereal but in the meantime, there’s always real cake—social rules be damned.

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