Pebbles Cereal Is Posting Daily Educational Videos For Kids

At a time when kids are home from school, it can be a challenge keeping them engaged. To help out with this, Pebbles Cereal is releasing short videos everyday that will teach them something new whether it’s a craft, magic trick, or dance.

Starting today, the Pebbles Cereal videos will be posted daily on the brand’s Facebook page for a series called the Daily Yabba Dabba Doo. You’ll also be able to access the videos on their Instagram.

The first installment is just three minutes long—a perfect length for keeping your child involved—and features Eli Sanchez who teaches a simple magic trick in the video. The magic trick only uses items that you can find in your house (ie: a toothpick and a piece of clear tape), as it’s a disappearing toothpick illusion.

Along with the video series, Pebbles Cereal has a full landing page on its site called Daily Yabba Dabba Doo that includes all sorts of activities that can be done at home. The website features mainly recipes and games that can be made using Pebbles Cereal, like a Pebbles bag toss and a cereal box guitar. The web series is essentially the same idea, but with step-by-step spoken instructions so that a child could follow along without parental supervision for a few minutes.

Pebbles Cereal isn’t the only brand producing content meant to keep kids entertained and give parents a short break from keeping them busy. Sesame Street just recently launched a series starring Cookie Monster.

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