Momos During Lockdown? Turn Your Veg Momos Into A High-Protein Delight With These Soya Paneer Momos (Recipe Inside)

These high-protein soya paneer momos are super delicious.


  • Missing your favourite momos during lockdown?
  • Make this unique soya paneer momos at home.
  • Both soya and paneer are rich in proteins.

The lockdown imposed due to Coronavirus scare has almost stalled our regular lives, forcing us to stay indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. With local street food vendors also shut, we have been yearning for our favourite street foods – chaats, golgappe and, of course, momos. While many of us manage to rustle up our favourite chaats at home, momos might be an unexplored territory for some of us. So, if you are missing momos as much as we are, try this recipe of soya paneer momos, which is delicious and full of proteins.

Usually, you get two options for momos, vegetarian – with a filling of cabbage, carrots and capsicum, and non-vegetarian momos – with a filling of minced chicken. These fillings are suffused with Chinese flavours from soy sauce and vinegar. But, these soya paneer momos give a creamy twist to the regular momos with a stuffing of grated cottage cheese (paneer). Ground soya chunks or soya granules adds density and a nutty flavour to the momos. Both the foods are super rich in proteins, so you won’t mind feeding your family with it. Although, this lockdwon momos recipe uses wonton wrapper made of all-purpose flour, you can replace it with wheat flour to make the momos healthier.

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Soya is super rich in proteins.

Soya Paneer Momos Recipe

This recipe will fetch 7-8 momos.

Ingredients –

1 cup maida

1 cup soya granules

1 cup grated paneer

1 onion, finely chopped onions

Half green bell pepper, finely chopped

Salt and black pepper to taste

5-6 garlic cloves, minced

Half teaspoon grated ginger

Method –

Step 1 – Soak soya granules in water.

Step 2 – Knead dough with maida, 1 teaspoon oil and warm water. Cover it and keep it aside for some time.

Step 3 – Heat some oil in a pan. Add garlic and saute till it releases its raw aroma.

Step 4 – Add ginger and onions and saute till onions turn brown in colour.

Step 5 – Add soya, bell pepper, salt and pepper. Let the veggies cook.

Step 6 – App grated paneer in the end. Mix well and turn off the stove.

Step 7 – Now roll small, paper-thin, translucent rotis from the dough. This is your wonton wrapper. Dab some water on its edges. Fill them with soya paneer filling and cover them properly.

Step 8 – Grease the plates of idli moulds with some oil. Place the momos on idli moulds and stem them like you steam regular momos or idlis. Please note that momos take lesser time than idlis to steam.

Pair these unique, creamy and high-protein momos with spicy momo chutney. Don’t know how to make that either? Here’s a quick and easy recipe to make chilli sauce for momos. Enjoy!

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