Netflix ‘Uncorked’ Is About Becoming A Master Sommelier

If you’re stuck in Netflix limbo after finishing Love is Blind and waiting for season four of Stranger Things, we have just the thing for you. Netflix is releasing a movie called Uncorked this month that explores the world of becoming a master sommelier.

Sommeliers are wine experts who specialize in wine and food pairing and are knowledgable about all things wine-related. In Uncorked, the main character Elijah has a dream of becoming a master sommelier. The thing is, he’s expected to carry on tradition and run his family’s Memphis barbecue restaurant once his parents can’t any more.

In the short trailer, Elijah is seen trying to explain to his family what exactly a sommelier is and none of them are taking him seriously: “I thought you said you weren’t gonna let this wine thing get in the way of your work,” his dad says.

It’s clear that the plot will center around the conflicting dreams of becoming a sommelier and a family’s expectations of this young man. As the trailer goes on, we can see him balancing his sommelier studies with his responsibilities at the restaurant. There is even a glimpse of a tragedy taking place, but no spoilers as to what exactly happens. Toward the end, Elijah travels to Paris and sits down for a sommelier test during which he has to identify wines just by their smell and taste.

Uncorked is hitting Netflix on March 27 and is a perfect little palate cleanser between your other binge-worthy shows. Adding this to my must-watch list STAT.

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