Netflix’s ‘Nailed It!’ Is Challenging People To Post Their Own Food Creations

Netflix’s Nailed It! is an easy binge-watch, especially as your gear up to stress bake yet another banana bread. Now, because the show knows you’re spending your days at home, Nailied It! is hosting the #NailedItChallenge in Instagram so you can show off your baking skills (or lack thereof). The first challenge was, unsurprisingly, to make a Tiger King-themed food, and the results were so entertaining.

Some of those who participated in the challenge were reposted by the @nailedit Instagram account for our enjoyment, and I, for one, was not disappointed. People are creative geniuses, and this cake, clementine, and chip creation was definitely a front runner. I mean, the person used a literal ring as the tiger’s crown and toothpicks as whiskers. Buddy Valastro is quaking.

The rules of the challenge did clarify that you could use whatever items you had laying around the house, so non-edible items were totally fair game. Participants decorated orange balloons and added paper cut-outs to wine bottles to still get in on the fun without getting in the kitchen.

People got seriously into it, and the first #NailedItChallenge was such a success that week two of the challenge is currently underway. The next creation in the lineup is a mind blown emoji made out of whatever you want.

To take part in the challenge, all you have to do is make something in the theme (using whatever materials you please!), post it using #NailedItChallenge with a short description of the creation, and tag a friend you think should join in on the challenge. Time to start brain storming! 🤯

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