Sandra Lee Revived Her “2 Shots Of Vodka” Meme In A New Video



Back in the era of Vine, when the future seemed so promising, celeb chef Sandra Lee went viral on the short video app for her highly generous pour of “two shots of vodka” in a cocktail recipe. Lee revived the meme in a new cocktail video she posted on Instagram, and it’s the content we all need right now.

For her new series Top Shelf with the Today Show, Lee showed us how to make a pitcher of Easter cosmopolitans. “Guess what it starts off with? Two shots of vodka,” she said in the video. After going over the ingredients, she proceeds with the vodka pour and gives the camera a knowing look. “I haven’t completely lost my sense of humor,” she said. I have to say, this pour was definitely larger than the last, and I fully support the mentality that “two shots” really means a minimum of four.

The cocktail she makes includes ice, vodka, lime juice, orange liqueur, and cranberry juice. For a twist, she adds pineapple juice and tops the drink off with a Peeps marshmallow chick. It looks delicious and easy to make. You might actually want to make it after you enjoy the “two shots of vodka” reference.

ICYMI, the original “two shots of vodka” pour that circled the internet came from Lee’s recurring segment on Food Network called Semi-Handmade. You must watch or rewatch it to fully appreciate her latest vodka pour.

If you want more advice on how to make a cosmopolitan the right way, please reference Ina Garten’s latest tutorial.

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