Padma Lakshmi Shared A Hack For Sealing A Bag Of Chips


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On the rare occasion you don’t polish off a bag of chips in one sitting, you’re left with an issue—how do you keep those leftover chips as crispy and crunchy as when you first opened the bag? Many of us have some makeshift way we employ that usually involves rolling the bag in some lazy contortion or commandeering a clothespin to clip it shut. Now, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi has shared a new way of closing chip bags that could change things forever.

Padma tweeted out a video showing off a super intricate way of folding the top of a chip bag. It’s not clear if it’s her in the video (since she tweeted it out with the caption “How am I just finding out about this now?”), but nonetheless, we’re enthralled.

You definitely have to watch this for yourself because I won’t lie, it’s kind of complicated. It involves folding the top into a triangle, rolling the bottom up until the tip of the triangle folds in, and then rolling the lip of the bag down until you can flip it over and nothing comes out. Like I said—complicated!

People definitely had lots of thoughts on this method in the comments, with some swearing by this method.

Others said they tried it and, um, it doesn’t always work!!

And I’m with these people: This is why I just finish the whole bag in one sitting!! Much easier!

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