Philadelphia Cream Cheese Dip Cups Come With A Serving Of Chips



Here at Delish, we know that a good dip can be the main event of any food spread. Sometimes, though, you may crave a dip without having to feed a big group, which is where Philadelphia Dips come in. You’ve probably used Philadelphia cream cheese as a base ingredient for the many dips you’ve made before, so these guys definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to this.

Philadelphia Dips come with a personal-sized serving of a cream cheese-based dip and chips for dipping, obviously. A couple years back, Philadelphia started making a similar concept using bagel chips and their traditional breakfast cream cheese flavors in strawberry, brown sugar and cinnamon, and vegetable varieties.

These new Philadelphia Dips are more on the savory side and better for snacking than they are for breakfast (reminder, though: This is a safe space, and if you are eating stuff like this for breakfast, we are proud of you!).

They come in a jalapeƱo cheddar dip with tortilla chips and spinach and artichoke with pita chips, according to @junkfoodinthetrunk3, the account that spotted the at a Harris Teeter grocery store. A quick internet search also shows that Philadelphia Dips also come in a spicy buffalo celery dip with tortilla chips too.

Each Philadelphia Dip combo goes for about $2.19 at select groceries, so if you see them on your next grocery trip you should definitely try them out. When the craving for a good dip creeps up on you, these are way easier than whipping up a full batch.

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