People Are Sharing Their Failed Baking Attempts On Twitter

@LibyaLiberty/Twitter, @afleckster/Twitter

There’s one thing failed baking attempts never fail to deliver: comic relief. When a recipe turns out to be completely off-base, it’s always hilarious (you know, before you realize you wasted the ingredients to make it). One Twitter user shared a photo of her banana bread gone horribly wrong, and it sparked a whole thread of baking fails that’ll give you the hearty laughing session you need right now.

Twitter user @LibyaLiberty posted her banana bread fail, and the captions she added to it make it even funnier. Before releasing the photo, she prefaced it by saying this: “I’ve just made, what might possibly be, the world’s most failed banana bread. If I had feral goats living in my backyard, I would hesitate to feed it to them.” She then proceeded to share the photo of the banana bread that has mushed chunks of banana in it with the caption “#MyShame.”

After giving their condolences, other Twitter users joined in sharing their worst fails, including cookies meant to look like bunnies, a completely gooey-inside banana bread, a panda bear cake, and…normal (?) bread. Thankfully, they didn’t disappoint. They’re all truly unhinged!

Obviously, the age-old lesson here is, like anything, baking takes practice. Maybe you weren’t paying attention and left your creation in the oven for too long. Maybe you missed an ingredient. Whatever it is, you’ll figure it out! Baking can still help reduce stress even if the final product isn’t edible!

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