Wendy’s Is Giving Away Free Kids Meals On Mobile App Orders

If you’re still rolling up to Wendy’s and paying full price for everyone in your family’s meals, I’m so sorry but you’re just not doing it right, my friend! The fast food chain has a truly insane amount of screamin’ deals lately, including FREE kids meals. Yes! Free!

Right now, you can score a kids meal when you make any in-app purchase. That’s right. You can get yourself some dinner and then your kid can choose from a hamburger, a cheeseburger, nuggets, or a grilled chicken wrap, plus one side and drink for totally free, according to Chew Boom.

We’ve also written about some of the other amazing mobile app ordering deals that Wendy’s has been offering lately, including a free cheeseburger and free Breakfast Baconator. No matter the time of day, no matter your favorite menu item, it seems like there is an offer tailor-made to you.

Can we also just talk about how genius mobile-app ordering is? There’x no awkwardly idling in the drive-thru or in front of the cash register debating on what the heck you want to eat. You can take your time, make any selection you want, and pay ahead. No handling gross cash, no worrying about forgetting your wallet. You can just tap, go pick up your order, and enjoy.

Like all great things, these offers are only available for a limited time so get thee to a Wendy’s!

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