People Are Tweeting Their Favorite Trader Joe’s Items To Honor The Founder

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Joseph Hardin Coulombe, who founded Trader Joe’s in 1967, died on February 28 following a long illness. Cuolumbe was 89 years old. In honor of the mastermind behind the low-cost grocery store, people on Twitter are shouting out their favorite Trader Joe’s products. What better way to honor the man who started it all?

The special thing about Trader Joe’s is that the stores are stocked with private label food items. Not surprisingly, over the years so many of these Trader Joe’s exclusive products have garnered a cult following—take cauliflower gnocchi and Everything But The Bagel seasoning, for example.

People are so obsessed with Trader Joe’s that there are definitive rankings of all of their frozen meals available online (guilty!) and Instagram pages dedicated to spotting new products on the shelves and sharing them with followers. A TikTok even went viral for showing how Trader Joe’s makes their fancy signs for around the grocery store.

So it’s really no surprise that the news of Coulombe’s passing had many people online celebrating his life by sharing their favorite foods to pick up during their TJ’s runs. Among the favorites were the crunchy, cheesy snack we all know and love as Pirate’s Booty, Two Buck Chuck wine (yes, it really only costs $2), and blueberry lavender almond milk.

It’s clear that his impact will be everlasting, and the food we stock our fridges and pantries with is just a fraction of his legacy.

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