Krispy Kreme Released A New Donut Topped With Maltesers Chocolate

It shouldn’t exactly be a surprise that the U.S. is missing out on some delicious chocolates that can be found around the world. From Penguins in the U.K. to Neuhaus Chocolates in Belgium, there’s a lot to be jealous of! In fact, Maltesers, perhaps one of the most beloved candies out there, are not always widely available in the U.S., but ARE now found on Krispy Kreme Australia’s newest donut.

The chain announced that it was releasing a new Krispy Kreme x Maltesers donut starting this week. Maltesers are typically found in the U.K. Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, though they are sold a bit in the U.S., too. Even if you’ve never been lucky enough to try the candy, you’re going to be drooling.

The donut is made up of an Original Glazed donut dipped in milk chocolate ganache, topped with a chocolate ganache drizzle, malted chocolate topping and three Maltesers. This candy is basically a malted milk ball, but the chocolate around it is creamier than we typically have in the U.S. and more delicious, making the candy a hit around the world.

If you’re located in Australia or planning any Australian getaways, the Maltesers donut is available now at Krispy Kreme Australia locations and will be available at Australian 7-Eleven locations starting Friday. They’ll only be sticking around until April 27 so hop on it.

If you’re not going down under any time soon, well, make it your mission to try a Malteser. Then you can experience the jealousy along with me. Welcome…

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