McDonald’s Germany Launched A Vegan Strawberry McFlurry

McDonald’s just launched a vegan-friendly McFlurry made with strawberry sorbet. The only catch is that for the time being it’s only available at McDonald’s locations in Germany.

The strawberry sorbet McFlurry can be ordered as a sundae if that’s what you prefer, and both can be topped with Oreo cookie pieces for added flavor and crunch, according to the vegan food site LiveKindly. This is not the first vegan menu item at McDonald’s Germany locations.

Last year, the “Big Vegan TS” was introduced, which is a burger made with a plant-based Incredible Burger patty, mustard, ketchup, onions, tomatoes, and greens. The patty is cooked on a separate grill to make it totally vegan and in no way contaminated with animal byproducts.

Many European McDonald’s locations have vegan alternatives to classic menu items. Sweden has falafel nuggets and a McVegan burger. Norway has veggie nuggets and the UK has various vegan burgers and wraps.

Instagram user @plantyful.alex posted a photo of the vegan strawberry McFlurry and said in the caption that it was delicious and tastes just like the sorbet you buy in stores. From the photo, the sorbet appears to be a thick, creamy texture rather than super melty and the Oreo cookie crumbles on top are small enough to mix in to achieve your preferred crunch to cream ratio.

As of right now, we can’t be sure if this fruity McFlurry option will be making its way across the pond to the states, but hopefully if it sees success in German markets, it’ll be here soon. Love is patient!

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