Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Swirl Bread Is Back On Shelves

Limited-edition food products are arguably one of the best parts of the changing of the seasons. Pumpkin spice for fall, peppermint for winter, and then all of the fruity food alternatives in the spring. Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Swirl Bread, for one, is proof that spring has totally sprung.

This fruit-flavored bread falls in the came category as the ever popular Raisin Cinnamon Swirl bread that Pepperidge Farm puts out. The difference, though, is that Strawberry Swirl Bread is a seasonal item, making it a delicacy of sorts exclusively during the springtime.

Strawberry Swirl Bread is a thick sliced white bread made with a strawberry jam reduction-type flavor throughout each slice in a swirl and with little extra spots of flavor throughout. Reviews of the bread on Influenster describe the bread as being not too sweet and easy to serve with butter, cream cheese, or alongside a savory breakfast dish.

Here at Delish, we’ve made French toast casserole using the traditional cinnamon swirl bread, and substituting the bread with this Strawberry Swirl Bread would make it easy to enjoy as a more leveled-up breakfast meal that could feed a whole fam—or yield even more leftovers for later.

Strawberry Swirl Bread can likely be found wherever you buy Pepperidge Farm products, and you can check what stores near your carry it on the Pepperidge Farm site. Remember it only comes around during the spring season each year, so be sure to try it out for yourself before it’s gone.

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