Pillsbury Released Pull-Apart Monkey Bread And Garlic Bread



As fun as baking from scratch can be, it can be a bit of a hassle when you’re looking for a quick fix and don’t have time to hunt down all the ingredients in your cupboard. We’ve been using Pillsbury dough for years to make biscuits and all sorts of cookies, and now the brand has pull-apart bites that are so easy to make.

The Pillsbury pull-apart bites come in a box that has everything you need to make either monkey bread or garlic butter bread. Inside each box, you’ll find pre-cut dough and a sauce pouch that corresponds to whichever flavor bread you’re making. Both kinds yield eight servings. From the photo, it appears that each kit comes with pre-cut bread in a similar canister similar to the popular Pillsbury crescent rolls and biscuits.

Ready-made Pillsbury dough (like cinnamon rolls) can be used to make pull-apart bread, but these kits take away all the guess work. BTW, the products were spotted at Walmart for just $3.28 each. Between the monkey bread and the garlic butter flavors, it seems there’s an option for breakfast or brunch and one that works as a sharable dinner dish alongside a classic meal like spaghetti and meatballs .

Also, it goes without saying that since the kit comes with the main ingredients, this would be an easy cooking activity to try out with the kids or an inexperienced cook. IDK about you, but I’m sold.

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