Pizza Hut Is Selling Detroit-Style Pizza In Select Cities

Everybody has their opinions about what kind of pizza is best and, frankly, it’s a boring argument. Pretty much all pizza is good in its own special way and each serves its own particular purpose. But throw what you know about pizza out the window because Pizza Hut has been spotted selling a style of pizza that it has never done before.

Some Pizza Hut customers have spotted the chain selling Detroit-style pizza, according to Chewboom. If you’ve never been lucky enough to have a slice, Detroit-style pizza is typically a rectangular pizza with square slices. It has toppings on its edges, resulting in a crispy, delicious caramelization.

As for Pizza Hut’s version, well, it’s characterized by a few terms “Crispy Crust. Extra Cheese. Toppings to the Edge.” You can get the chain’s Meat Lover’s or any of its specialty pizzas on the crust. YouTuber 1EyedPheonix showed a video of the pizza, which appears to have first been spotted in late 2019.

The pizza is reportedly available as an eight-slice pie for $12.99. It’s also available in a double pizza made up of 16 slices for $19.99 and a triple pizza made up of 24 slices for $24.99.

The bad news is this is not available everywhere. It appears to be a regional offering in select locations in Ohio and Michigan, but if you’re located near there, it could be worth asking about it the next time you order from Pizza Hut.

For everyone else, do a quick Google and try to find a Detroit-style pizza place near you. If you’re really hungry, you cannot beat it.

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