Reboot Your Day With Customised Cuppa From Slay Coffee That Has A Cup For Every One And Every Mood

Let’s just agree that coffee is one beverage – cold or hot – we just can’t have enough of. Having Monday blues? A hectic day at work? Planning a brainstorming session? A perfectly brewed coffee seems to be the solution for many of us. Coffee lovers around the world seem to swear by their morning cuppa and literally cannot move without one. And can we even blame them? Whether you like it with milk or without, more sugar or less, extra strong or espresso, the aromatic coffee beans brewed in your favourite concoction is enough to refuel our senses.

And while you can always brew your perfect cup of coffee, there’s one place that can help you slay your day with a cup of coffee. Slay Coffee is here to give you a handcrafted gourmet coffee experience, designed specifically for people who wants coffee on-the-go. With about 100 Cloud Coffee Bars in six cities – Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Noida, and Pune, Slay Coffee has something for everyone and for every mood. Hot and cold coffees for the not so experimental coffee lovers, vegan coffees and skinny coffees for the health conscious, flavoured coffees for those who like to experiment and black coffees for those who like it strong.

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We got our hands on some of the coffees from their extensive menu and loved every bit of it. The menu is simplified into 7 sections including vegan, extra strong, basic, skinny, black and non-caffeinated, serving about 30 plus coffees. From hazelnut latte to iced peppermint mocha or the extra strong ‘wrong turn’, each coffee had an exclusive handcrafted touch, customised to everyone’s preference.


Undoubtedly, Slay Coffee shows the craftsmanship that goes into growing, roasting n mall perfect batches, grinding, brewing, pouring and finally delivering a handcrafted gourmet coffee. And it also slays in the way it reaches the customer, packed in a quirky black box which is spill-free, hassle-free and temperature control so the coffee reaches you in just the perfect way.

So the next time, you need to escape the Monday blues or simply reboot at work or on-the-go, Slay Coffee can come to your rescue.

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