Say Cheese! 6 Easy Cheese Recipes For Late Night Cravings

How do you save a dish gone wrong? There are multiple ways, one of the easiest bait is to throw in a bit of cheese in the mix. Most cheese-lovers can have cheese in any form, and more importantly, at any point of the day. So if you often find yourself scourging your refrigerator in the wee hours of night in an attempt to grab a snack, perhaps a block of cheese and these recipes could come in handy. Yes, you heard us. Oozing with cheese, these recipes are not only delectable but also incredibly easy to put together.

Here are 6 easy cheese-based recipes that will leave you drooling:

1. Mac and cheese

You saw this coming, didn’t you? The comfort food made with goodness of cooked macaroni and melted cheese crowned with herbs has loyal fan-base of its own. Wondering what the fuss is all about? Try the recipe and know it for yourself.

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2. Fried cheese cube

Crusty cubes bursting with oodles of cheese, there – we saw you slurping! The snack is fairly high in calories therefore we would not recommend tucking into too many of them too late in the night.

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fried cheese cubes

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3. Cheese omelette

An omelette is easily one of your go-to resorts each time we need something quick and fulfilling; add to it the goodness of cheese – and you have a winner!

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4. Chicken and cheese salad

This protein-booster recipe is ideal for those who are watching calories. Fresh, creamy and delicious, this salad is sure to satiate you completely.

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chicken salad

5. Mamma Toast

This is perhaps one of the quickest recipes on our list. Toast topped with goodness of potatoes, cheese, tomatoes and oregano. You can also put a host of other ingredients here. Think: sausage, paneer, chilli sauce, options are endless, and result-mostly delicious!

6. Cheese Papdi

Cheese papdi is much like nachos but with a desi twist, a cheesy dough, used to make bite-sized papdi. Pair it with salsa, ketchup or mayonnaise and chomp away!

In this period of lockdown, more and more people are cooking at home. If you find yourself experimenting a lot of with cheese, these recipes could be exactly what you are looking for. Try these recipes at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below!

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