Settebello: A Sought After Italian Experience

We pre-checked out Settebello one night after seeing it across the parking lot from our frequent coffee spot and children’s play place, Kinderland. Its dim lighting and modern rustic styling were just our taste. From the doorway, we saw a private liquor room and a burning hearth just past a bar. We took their high-quality paper menu and business card to review until we returned.

Matt, our waiter was friendly and knew his stuff. He pronounced all the Italian wording eloquently and explained the basis of the restaurant, Napoletana, a unique type of pizza I’ve never heard of before! It’s a handmade soft dough that’s cooked in a wood burning oven for 1 minute at 900 degrees. We ordered his recommendations of Romana salad ($12) and Pizza Pere E Jalapeno ($14), a “white pizza”, meaning it excludes the usual tomato sauce and other ingredients provide the “sauce”. We ordered our own choice as well; the pizza Settebello ($14) because it’s the restaurant’s namesake and because it has sausage. We sipped delicious drinks and snapped pictures of the happy hour menu as we waited. My fiance sipped a “dark and orangey” mule ($10) in its classic copper cup and I sipped a red sangria in pellet ice with an orange slice ($8).

Our salad was the perfect precursor to our pizza heavy meal, a spring mix based salad topped with goat cheese and pine nuts. It’s these fine ingredients that justify the fine prices of Settebello’s menu. I believe I’m getting good value here.

Our 11″-13″ inch (their only size) pizzas arrived shortly after we devoured our salad and first round of drinks after our long day. The specialty crust, Napoletana, reminded me of naan or pita bread. It was best eaten with a fork or folded and was very delicious like homemade breads taste and smell. Despite having the little sauce on both pizzas, they were both satisfying.

After a trip to the restroom, which had fully carried out the cool rustic styling, I had returned to my fiance’s dessert choice of some kind of mini doughnut filled with Nutella and rolled in cinnamon sugar. It was as good as it sounds. I picked out a lemon flavor Matt explained is from the lemon zest put inside the dough before frying. This restaurant has no shortage of attention to detail in their food and that is what I love and look for in a restaurant! Our bill came to $80.00 and we both looked at each and simultaneously said “worth it”.

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