Tips in Removing French Onion Soup on the Carpet

Tips in Removing French Onion Soup on the Carpet

French onion soup is really tasty and can be a really delicious soup to enjoy on a cold, rainy night. It is also perfect for those who are not feeling well because it is really healthy and its warm goodness helps them feel a lot better.

Delicious and soft French onions and its tasty soup is surely a really nice dish to have on your dinner table. You have to be careful though not to spill it on your carpet as this would result in a very stubborn stain that will be tough to get rid of.

If you have unfortunately spilled some French onion soup on your carpet, here is a helpful guide that you can use to clean up your carpet completely.

• The first step you need to perform is to clear the spilled soup on the carpet. Take a clean paper towel and dab the affected area repeatedly in order to extract the soup particles. Just dab the spill so that you won’t spread it to other unaffected areas of the carpet.

• The next thing that you would have to do is to make a cleaning solution that will help get rid of the stain left behind by the spill. Take a teaspoon of dish washing liquid and then combine this with a cup of warm water. This will create a potent cleaning agent that will surely remove the unwanted stain on your carpet.

• Apply some of the cleaning solution on the stained portion of the carpet and then let a few minutes pass before doing anything. This will allow the solution to work on the stain so that it can be removed a lot easier.

• Use a clean white cloth and then blot the stain continuously. The stain will slowly become lighter and lighter until all of it will be gone. It can sometimes take a long time before you see any positive results but it is essential that you don’t give up right away and just be patient.

• After you have finally removed all of the stain, the last step that you would need to take is to rinse the area where the French onion soup was spilled. This is going to ensure that no residue will get left behind on the carpet fibers. Dry everything with some clean towels and you’re done.

French onion soup spills can be very challenging to clean up but hopefully the guide above will help you get your carpet back to normal.

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