Shania Twain’s Horse Stole the Show During Her ACM ‘Our Country’ Performance

  • Shania Twain was one of many country artists who filmed at-home video clips for the ACM Presents: Our Country special that aired on Sunday.
  • Not only did the iconic singer give viewers a much-needed trip down memory lane, but her horse and dog made memorable guest appearances during the performance.

    Sunday night’s ACM Presents: Our Country television special was filled with memorable, heartwarming, and even tear-jerking performances (lookin’ at you, Tim McGraw). But amid the evening’s emotional themes, Shania Twain used her time in the spotlight to provide a little comic relief, thanks to two of her four-legged friends.

    The singer is lately more accustomed to performing on a Las Vegas stage (her “Let’s Go!” residency at Caesar’s Palace has been temporarily postponed due to coronavirus restrictions), but she offered fans a hilarious glimpse into her life at home during the 2-song performance.

    While Shania’s dog couldn’t be bothered, her horse was clearly ready to claim its 15 minutes of fame. The horse rarely left her alone throughout performances of “Honey, I’m Home” and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” (both throwbacks from her 1997 album Come On Over). Despite the animal interruption, Shania handled it like a total pro and managed to deliver stellar renditions of the songs.

    Viewers were certainly enamored with the horse’s scene-stealing antics, and took to Twitter to show their support for Shania’s unique animal audience. “I vote that this horse goes on tour with Shania,” tweeted one fan.

    “I am watching Shania Twain play acoustic songs in the shadow of a horse that will not get out of the way, and it’s more compelling than I would’ve expected,” said another user.

    Thanks for the laughs, Shania and friends!

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