This Peeps Hot Chocolate Kits Make Pink Drinks



The Easter season often makes people think of classic treats like chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and carrot cake. Of course, marshmallow Peeps have become a staple of the season over the years and the chick-shaped sweets have recently become pancakes, cereal, and now hot chocolate. Ya know, just to keep us on our toes.

Obviously marshmallows are a must with any mug of hot chocolate, but this kit unsurprisingly comes with five pink Peeps to put on top of your warm beverage. The crazy part is that the hot chocolate isn’t just a normal powder that you mix into your drink—it’s a full-on Peeps pink hot chocolate mix. So yeah, your hot chocolate won’t be basic at all—it’ll be completely pink.

The pink Peeps hot chocolate kit was spotted by Instagram account @foodwiththebeasts at IT’SUGAR, but are pretty difficult to find in stock online. The kits also seem to come in pink hot chocolate with either yellow or purple Peeps marshmallows.

If you can’t find the hot chocolate kits near you, you can of course DIY something similar with whatever hot chocolate you have and any package of Peeps marshmallows for the sweet garnish on top. There are tons of Peeps in this year’s Easter lineup, including root beer, party cake, cotton candy, Fruit Loops, and more so you can definitely get creative with it.

For some inspiration, use some of our Peeps hacks that include everything from Peeps brownies to Peeps-infused vodka. Do with this information what you will.

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