Showing Love To Your Dogs

When you start putting together your list of gifts for the holiday season, there might be something you leave off. Your dogs are a part of your family as well, or you might know someone who has a dog that might not get anything for Christmas. You can make dog gift baskets for birthdays and special occasions to celebrate dogs as well. Most dogs will enjoy anything that you put inside the basket because it shows that you love them, but you should consider the age of the dog as well as the size as some toys and treats might not be appropriate for all breeds.

Instead of a basket that might be used by a person, consider getting a bin for the dog’s toys or a bed that the dog can sleep in during the day or at night. Think about the things that your dog might need or things that tend to get torn up by your dog, such as stuffed animals. Include some of your dog’s favorite treats. You can get small packages instead of larger ones so that he has a variety. However, if you know that your dog enjoys a certain kind of treat, then you might want to find a bigger container so that you don’t run out. Add a small bag of dog food as well, especially if you’re making the basket for someone else as a gift.

After you’ve got the food included, start adding the toys and supplies. Training pads for dogs who stay inside or a leash and collar are good options to consider. Try to add something that you or the owner can use with the dog, such as balls for playing outside. Toys should be age-appropriate and designed so that they can’t be easily torn apart in a few days.