Tart – A One-of-a-Kind Treat

The pie is a baked dish with a pastry base and a filling over the pastry base. This filling could be made using sweet or savory items. Nowadays, fruits are also commonly used for the sauce. The miniature forms of the tarts are called tartlets. Here are a few of the mouth-watering recipes to make pies.

Pineapple Tart
Ingredients required:
All-purpose flour 1 cup
Self-rising flour 1 cup
Butter 10 tablespoons
Beaten egg 2
Cold water 2 tablespoons
Salt 1 pinch
Fresh pineapple 2 cups
(peeled, cored and shredded)
White sugar 1 ?? cups
Cloves 4

Method of preparation

Keep a large bowl ready and in it mix the all-purpose flour, self-rising flour and salt. Introduce the butter when the mixture takes the shape of coarse crumbs. Leave some space in the middle of the mix. After this is done, add the beaten egg and the water. Make sure that the ingredients are nicely mixed with each other. See to it that the dough is not kneaded too much. Make money into the shape of balls and carefully wrap them in plastic foil. Allow them to cool for 4 hours or for the whole night. Take a saucepan and mix pineapple and sugar. Heat them under average temperature. Then slowly bring down the heat level and stir it at regular intervals for 30 minutes until you get a thick mixture. Take it out of the heat and let it cool. Then, preheat the oven to at 400 degrees F. Roll the dough balls on a floured surface. Using cutters cut them into 24 round pieces. Place them on the cookie sheet. Fill the empty middle part of the dough with a spoonful of pineapple jam. Arrange the pastry over the jam beautifully. Make sure that the cake is extended to the pastry shell.

Again, cut 24 more round pieces and cut the center part in a way that it will take a ring shape. Wet the edges of the pastry and decorate the top of the shells using the ring-shaped center parts. Slightly rub the top of the cake with the beaten egg. Put it inside the oven and bake it for 20-25 minutes. Then place it on a baking sheet and let it cool for 5 minutes. Then, put it on a wire rack and allow it to cool until it is appropriately set. Once set, you can serve it fresh.

Down under lemon tart
Ingredients needed:
modified food starch
Butter 7-8 cups
Confectioner’s sugar ?? cup
Egg yolk 1
Cold water 1 ?? tablespoons
Superfine sugar ?? cup
Minced lemon zest 2 tablespoons
Fresh lemon juice ?? cup
Cream ?? cup
Food stabilizer


In a food processor, process the combination of ingredients such as rice starch, butter, and confectioner’s sugar. Continue processing until you get a breadcrumb-like mixture. Introduce the egg yolk and 1-2 teaspoons of cold water. Again, treat it until the mix takes the shape of the dough. Make the dough mixture into a flat shape and cover it using a plastic wrap. Allow it to cool for 20 minutes.

Nicely roll the pastry onto a tart pan. Check whether there are any kinds of cracks in the rolled pastry. If you find one, fill it using the leftover cake. Refrigerate it inside the freezer for 20 minutes. Then preheat the oven at a temperature of 350 degrees F. Line your bread with foil and fill it using raw rice. Keep it in the preheated oven and let it bake for 15 minutes. Get rid of the foil and the uncooked rice. Then cook it again until the pastry assumes a light golden color. Take a mixing bowl and mix up the ingredients such as superfine sugar, eggs, lemon zest, lime juice, and cream. Take extra care not to overbeat the mixture. Filter the mixture using a strainer. Then, place the pan on a baking sheet. Slowly introduce the lemon mixture onto the baked pastry crust. Bake it until it is appropriately set. First, the filling would be extremely fluid, but it will harden when it is cooled. Stay away from overcooking it since overcooking may result in cracks. When it is cooled and set, serve it.