Slurp Alert: This Easy Home-Made Matka Malai Kulfi Is Perfect To Welcome The Summers With


  • Kulfi is mostly mistaken with ice-creams
  • It is said, the word kulfi is derived from Persian word Qulfi
  • Due to its density, a kulfi takes longer time to melt than an ice cream

Finally, the days of ice-creams, kulfis and popsicles are almost here! As the weather is undergoing a change from winters to the summers, we are all set to switch on the fans and enjoy the chilled desserts and beverages. One of the most popular desserts during summer is the very tasty matka malai kulfi. This dessert takes most of us back to our childhood days when we used to wait for that ‘ghanti’ (bell) of the kulfi-seller on a hot summer afternoon. The sound was equivalent to a fresh breeze!

When we talk about kulfi, it is mostly mistaken with ice-creams. Though kulfis are described as traditional Indian ice-cream, but it is denser and creamier than the latter. It is popularly said that the word kulfi is derived from Persian word ‘Qulfi’ which means ‘covered cup’. Kulfi comes in various flavours, but the most popular ones are malai, kesar and pista kulfi. Due to its density, a kulfi takes longer time to melt than an ice cream.

Are you one of those who like keeping desserts at home at all times? If yes, then we are here to help you! This summer, make street-style matka malai kulfi at home and enjoy the summers to the fullest. The best part is, this malai kulfi recipe posted by vlogger Parul on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’, needs just a handful of ingredients for preparation. All you need are- milk, sugar, cardamom powder and finely chopped dry fruits and nuts (cashew, almond and pistachio).

Although, these are the fruits and nuts that are traditionally mixed, you can add fruits and nuts of your choice.

Watch The Complete Recipe Video For Matka Malai Kulfi:

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