Some Disney Parks Have Closed Because Of The Coronavirus

To prevent the spread of the highly contagious novel coronavirus, many sites and institutions that draw large crowds are temporarily shutting down. Dozens of schools in the United States have canceled classes. From Sunday to Tuesday, the Louvre, which thousands of people visit daily, closed its doors following a staff walkout. As some of the most popular attractions around the world, some Disney parks are also currently closed.

Last week, after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe asked all elementary, middle and high schools in Japan to close until late March, Tokyo Disneyland announced it was temporarily closing its parks from February 29 to March 15 as a precautionary measure. The parks, which include Tokyo Disney Sea, are scheduled to reopen on March 16. Legoland Japan and Sea Life Naoya have also been closed since February 29, 2020. The reopening date is scheduled for March 16.

In China, where COVID-19 was first detected, two Disneyland resorts have been closed since January 26. Shanghai Disney announced its temporary closure on January 25. But as coronavirus continues to spread, Shanghai Disney hasn’t announced a reopening date. Guests who bought tickets during the time of its closure will automatically receive a refund. Hong Kong Disneyland has also been closed since the end of January. Like the Shanghai location, it also doesn’t have a reopening date. But since the expiration date of unused tickets between January 27 and March 31 will extend to August 31, maybe the parks hope to re-open by summer.

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