A Harry Potter-Themed Spa Exists And You Need To Visit It ASAP

If you missed out on your chance to go to Hogwart’s (I’m still waiting on that letter…), you still have a shot at feeling the magic of “Harry Potter” thanks to one Tennessee spa.

As she explains in an Instagram post, esthetician and massage therapist Wendy Piedad wanted to “create a space where clients can experience professional spa treatments and to bring a little magic into their lives,” which is exactly what she did when she opened Wand & Willow, a spa that draws much of it’s inspiration from J.K. Rowling’s famed series.

Though the spa is not officially affiliated with Warner Bros. or J.K Rowling, visitors will be spellbound by all of the many “Harry Potter”- inspired touches, from the design to the treatments themselves. As Pieded told Insider, “Visitors to the spa are enchanted when they enter and love seeing all of the subtle magical-themed decor.”

This “magical-themed decor” includes tapestries similar to the ones seen in the Gryffindor common hall in the “Harry Potter” movies, bowtruckles, nifflers and, of course, owls. Pieded also has a replica of the Fat Lady portrait that guarded the Gryffindor Tower entrance in the films hanging at the entrance of her own tower—err, we mean spa. Many of the treatment names are Harry Potter inspired, too: Get a taste of the magic with the Marauder package, which includes a 30 minute facial and massage or indulge yourself with the Phoenix package, which includes a 60 minute massage, facial and body wrap.

The decorative elements of the spa are subtle, an intentional choice by Pieded. She tells WTVF, “It was very important for me to not have it be gimmicky or hit you in the face when you walk in like you’re in a retail store. I wanted it to be soothing and something that would cater to both Harry Potter fans and non-Harry Potter fans alike.”

She tells WTVF, that she wants to “make [her visitors] feel welcome and at home and let everyone believe there is a little magic inside of us… that’s what keeps people coming back.”

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