Taco Bell’s Triplelupa Is Made From 3 Chalupas

Fast food chains are constantly coming up with new menu items and flavor innovations to try and keep up with the competitive market. Taco Bell is always looking out for what their customers like, and the next big menu item is unlike anything the chain has had before. The Triplelupa is coming to Taco Bell this week and it’s made from three (!) mini chalupas. Be blessed.

If you tend to stick with a taco or a Crunchwrap when ordering at Taco Bell, let me introduce you to the Chalupa. A Chalupa is not a made up word or concept by Taco Bell, their online menu explains, it’s actually a Spanish word that describes the fried boat-shaped tortilla shell that is then filled with the meat, lettuce, and other toppings.

Over the years, Taco Bell has made all sorts of Chalupas, with different fillings like the signature sauce of the Baja Chalupa or the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa and they’ve even made different sizes (see: the Double Chalupa). All of these were limited-time offers, so it’s almost certain the Triplelupa will be the same.

This Triplelupa is obviously going to be the largest shell yet since it’s made from three mini Chalupas, but it will also be their first-ever tear-apart item on the menu. It’s not exactly clear what this “tear apart” description means, but it’s likely that the shell might be soft enough to be torn, which’ll make it easier to eat since it’s presumably so large.

The new menu item will make its way to a Taco Bell near you on March 12 but will probably be a limited-time offer like the many Chalupas before it. So act fast!

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