Oreo Is Releasing 2 New ‘Trolls” Inspired Cookies

One Oreo flavor is enough to be excited about, but when we get TWO at a time? It’s a whole new level of thrilling. Well, prepare to be THRILLED because Oreo announced this week it was releasing two new limited-edition flavors in honor of the new Trolls movie Trolls World Tour.

The two flavors are inspired by two characters from the film, Queen Poppy and Pop Troll Tiny Diamond. First up are the fabulously pink Queen Poppy cookies. They’re a Golden Oreo featuring pink-colored creme with glitter. This cookie was previously spotted in stores, but now it’s finally out everywhere along with another flavor.

The Tiny Diamond-inspired cookies are classic chocolate Oreos and have green-colored creme with glitter and popping candy inside. These cookies feature symbols like cassette tapes on them but jury is still out if kids today know what those even are! Luckily, each pack includes three cookie designs tailored to the pack’s featured character, so you’ll have some variety.

In case you needed more reasons to be excited about Oreos, these packs will unlock a new Instagram experience with dancing Trolls characters. You can access these by scanning the cookie on the pack and using Instagram’s filter guide.

The cookie packs are in stores now, so I think I’ve given you ample reason to buy them now, right? I was sold at glittery cookie cream, but whatever gets you pumped, my dudes. These will only be available for a limited-time and the new Trolls movie comes out in April so…hop to it!

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