A 2-Legged Dog Named Lieutenant Dan Could Be The Cadbury Bunny

The world is currently (and pretty much always seems to be) a very bad and scary place. Luckily, some truly good things still exist to remind us that life is occasionally good. Today’s very, very good thing? Well, it’s a actually a dog. His name is Lieutenant Dan, he has two legs, and he wants to be the next Cadbury Bunny.

Lt. Dan is currently near the top of Cadbury’s Bunny Try-Outs, an annual contest that gives pets a chance to put on a pair of bunny ears and become the brand’s newest ambassador. It’s easy to see why he’s made it this far. Just look at his photo! He’s got the smile, the swagger, and even the accessories to boot. A true model. Plus his bio says “he has a joy for life that is infectious and inspiring!”

His owner Laura Weber told CNN that two-year-old Lt. Dan, who obviously takes his name from the iconic Forrest Gump character, had a “deformity” in his back paws and his tail so he had to have them amputated. But he still gets around just fine thanks to a set of back wheels or simply bunny hopping around.

Dan will have to best a slew of other animals in the finals including a pig, a llama, and a duck, but he’s not too worried. Laura said that if he wins, he’ll be holding a “huge dog party” with friends, but if not, well, he’s just happy to be included! Same!! Crossing my paws for you, Dan!

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