You Can Buy A Minions Waffle Maker

Minions have taken over the world and they will continue to. There’s nothing we can do about it at this point, so we might as well lean into it, yes? Step one of that plan would be buying this Minion waffle maker and then proceeding to make them for all of your friends. It’s the only solution, truly!

Minions 2, the second installment of the Despicable Me spinoffs that center specifically on the lil yellow guys is hitting theaters in July, so this waffle maker is a great way to fill that void in your heart as you wait for the new movie. Not only is the outside of the appliance yellow with an image of a Minion on it, but the waffles themselves come out in the shape of a Minion with all sorts of details.

Minions Waffle Maker – Electric Waffle Iron Kitchen Appliance –

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Whether you’ve been keeping up with Minions and their journey toward world domination or not, we can all agree that waffles and pancakes that come in shapes are just objectively better. Kids will love this, parents will pretend not to but will secretly love it as well. Heck, I might even buy this appliance just to brighten up my mornings too!

The appliance is also super affordable at just $35 on Amazon, meaning if you have Prime you’ll be making these waffles by the weekend. It also has an average 4.5 stars rating and an “Amazon’s Choice” label, so those who have already gotten their hands on it are happy with the results.

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