Texas Roadhouse Is Selling Ready-To-Cook Steaks

It’s a tough time for restaurants right now, and many of them are trying to come up with creative solutions to try to feed fans in a totally different way. Texas Roadhouse just figured out a genius way to get its delicious steaks to more people while also filling in where grocery stores may be out of stock.

The steak chain is selling ready-to-grill steaks directly to the public at select locations, according to Indiana’s 16 News Now. Texas Roundhouse is offering the service to try to help out areas where there are grocery store shortages of meat.

“The decision to sell steaks was based on demand from guests. Restaurants are a vital part of our nation’s food supply and we’re stepping in where we can to help fill the gaps,” Texas Roadhouse vice president of communications Travis Doster told 16 News Now.

The chain is offering a slew of its different steaks, including its ribeyes, strip, sirloin, and filet, ready for you to cook at home. If you’re interested and want to place an order, call your local Texas Roadhouse and see if they’re offering the deal.

That’s not all Texas Roadhouse has going on right now. They’re also offering “Family Packs” you can order online. Each Family Pack serves four and lets you choose from a range of different entrees like New York Strip, pulled pork, and ribs. Once you select your four entrees, you’ll also get a large salad, four side dishes, fresh-baked rolls, and honey cinnamon butter. Mmm. Prices vary, depending on what you select, but they start at $39.99.

So, if you’ve been struggling to find good steak in your area, Texas Roadhouse has got your back.

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